Fb Comments Osclas Config


Facebook Social Comment

Basic Configuration

See language list and enter the respective language code

The plugin allows you to select two default locations and one custom location.

  • 1 : Off – Disables Plugin
  • 2 : Item Detail – Activate the plugin below the listing description.
  • 3 : Location – Activate the plugin below the map and if this is not active will be displayed in place and the description below.
  • 4 : Fb Comment Custom Hook -Show block Fb Comments comments wherever insert the hook plugin.



If you choose option 4 should insert this hook anywhere in the ; item.php , itemsidebar, or wherever show.


Setting Privacy

Allows all visitors to comment , or restrict users connected and registered.

Allows use while OSClass default comments

Allows use without OSClass default comments

    • a: Disable Fb Comments : See Basic Configuration (up)
    • b: Activate Fb Comments only connected or registered : Check Box “Users must be registered and be logged in to comment” in : Configuration > Comments
    • c: Activate Fb Comments + OSClass comments: Check Box “Allow posting comments on ads” in : Configuration > Comments


  • Note : Fb Comments Share with Osclas the function ; “Users must be registered and be logged in to comment” but Fb Comments be unaffected by selecting or deselecting the other configurations OSClass comments.