You can also add 12 shortcodes in your theme template or in your pages/posts. just do this :

To use within the template anywhere
you choose, you must put the short code detro the following code, as shown in this example:

<?php echo do_shortcode( ‘[choose-short-code]’ ); ?>

To use in the content of any, post, page, or widget
you added only the short code


These are the short codes available

Registration Page
Shortcodes [atta_woo_registration]

Create a page for user registration.
example; registration.
Insert the shortcode [atta_woo_registration]
That is all.

Idea: To create a custom menu you can follow the step “Create menu for slug” in the section create a menu

Account Creation
the following settings must be made from > woocommerce > settings > tab: account
Account Creation Automatically generate username from customer email
Automatically generate customer password

Shortcodes 2 to 10
Phrase – Idioms – Language

If you put this [atta_mbuild_shop] show “Shop” and that change depending on the language used by default.

If you put this [atta_mbuild_shop] My Custom Tittle [/atta_mbuild_shop] show “My custon Tittle”

You can also modify the title link with [atta_mbuild_login] My login [/atta_mbuild_login]

You can also change other short codes, repeating these settings.

Search Bar
Shortcode [atta_mbuild_search]

Rename the button “search”.
If you want change it to something like this [atta_mbuild_search button=’Button Title’].

Adjust for [atta_mbuild_productcat]